The John Reudy Clinic Team

At JRC, patients have access to family physicians, registered nurses, social workers, a counsellor, a psychiatrist, pharmacists, a dietitian, a phlebotomist and peer navigators, as well as access to a variety of medical specialist on a referral basis.  The JRC also offers various addictions and mental health services.

Physician Care

Primary care:

The clinic’s patients have access to 11 family physicians who are trained in the management of people living with HIV. They offer both HIV and primary care. When patients are initially referred to the JRC, they are assigned to one of the JRC physicians, but they may also see another physician when they come in without an appointment (drop-in) for urgent issues.


At the JRC patients can be referred to a variety of in-house medical specialists (nephrology, dermatology, endocrinology, respirology, psychiatry, neurology, addiction medicine, and infectious disease) on a referral basis. 


Nurses offer education on HIV and other sexually transmitted infections; blood work monitoring; anal Pap smears, cervical Pap smears; sexual health and STI assessments; immunizations and tuberculosis skin tests; wart treatment; wound care; and individualized and non-judgmental HIV education and support services.  Nurses also coordinate care with social workers and physicians.

Social Work

Social workers provide comprehensive wraparound support services and care coordination for patients at JRC. They provide addictions counselling and referrals to detox and treatment, adjustment and relationship counselling, crisis intervention, and resource counselling, including support for housing and social assistance applications.

Peer Navigators 

Trained and employed through AIDS Vancouver, are available in the JRC during clinic hours. They are HIV positive individuals who offer education and support to newly diagnosed patients and others living with HIV. The peer navigators co-facilitate various support groups in the JRC.

Our clinical Dietitian is available for booked appointments or drop-ins weekdays (except Fridays). They provide client-centred nutrition education through 1:1 appointments, groups and monthly Community Kitchens. Common nutrition themes include but are not limited to: optimizing health and immune system, Ministry nutrition benefits, and nutrition management for high cholesterol, diabetes, bone loss or weight loss.

Hepatitis C Treatment

The JRC has two hepatitis C specialist nurses, who work with infectious disease physicians, to support patients going through HCV treatment. The JRC also provides hepatitis C services to people with co-infections who are not JRC patients. Services include assessing treatment readiness, providing treatment and monitoring blood work and treatment side effects.
Point-of-Care HIV Testing 

A consultation with a nurse for this service is available to anyone in the community. If an individual receives a preliminary positive test result, the JRC’s community of care provides the support the patient needs. Confirmatory blood work and other baseline blood work is collected immediately and the patient is offered the services of a peer navigator.

HIV PEPE (Non-Occupational (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis)
PEP medication is for individuals that are HIV negative and who have had a high risk exposure to HIV, taken after being exposed. An assessment for the risk of HIV transmission should be done as soon as possible, and if indicated the individual is prescribed 28 days of medication to reduce the risk of HIV transmission. For more information, call 604-806-9303 to speak with a nurse.

If you think you may need PEP and it has been less than 72 hours, contact one of the following sites or go to your local emergency room.

For more information. (

HIV PrEP  (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

PrEP medication is for individuals that are HIV negative and at higher risk of acquiring an HIV infection, taken before potential exposures. PrEP significantly reduces the chances of becoming HIV positive. For more information, call 604-806-9303 to speak with a nurse. To book a consult or follow up visit with the JRC PrEP provider please call 604-806-8060.

If you already are receiving PrEP and need to refill your prescription please call at least seven days in advance to 1-800-547-3622 (option 5) or for local residents call 604-806-8081.

Care Coordination

This service provides highly individualized services to those who experience the most entrenched barriers to care as a way to improve retention and adherence. 

Smoking Cessation

Located within the John Ruedy Clinic (JRC) at St. Paul's Hospital, the clinic supports PHC and VCH patients and clients in reducing or quitting smoking as part of their health care journey.

The Smoking Cessation Clinic strives to provide comprehensive evidence-based support throughout the process of smoking cessation, serving patients who are either seeking assistance post-discharge from a health event or are interested in reducing and eventually quitting tobacco use.

Referrals: Fax or Email only

Health care professionals can refer interested patients to the Smoking Cessation Clinic by downloading and faxing this referral form to (604-297-9670):

Patients can also self-refer by sending their details via email to (